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The Amcor Air Purifier are prices very well – between $30 – $90, thus making it affordable for the general public.  All Amcor air purifier models feature an ionizer.  The addition of the ionizer helps freshen the air and remove smaller particles.  They are also environmentally friendly because they emit very small amounts of ozone.  They also help get rid of odors such as cigarette smoke and also cooking odors.

Amcor Air Purifier has four models available:

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Amcor AM-60 Air Purifier

Amcor AM-60 Air Purifier
Price $28.21

This air purifier is designed to remove dust, pollen and light odors in an area up to 180 sq ft with no filters to replace, just wash and re-use. Uses multiple advanced technologies and is small enough to fit on a desk whether at home or work.

Amcor AM12 Wall-Mounted Plug-in Air Purifier with Nightlight

Amcor AM12 Wall-Mounted Plug-in Air Purifier with Nightlight
Price $13.79

Amcor Night Light Air Purifier - This is a plug in air purifier! Includes a night light that is built in with an on/off switch, whisper quiet operation, high density ionizer and a new innovative design. Plugs into any socket and has easy clean collector plates no need for filter replacements. Made of durable high impact ABS plastic. 3.3" x 8.7" x 2.8". UL listed. Imported. (AM12DC)
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Amcor AM-60 Air Purifier & Fragrance Dispenser
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2 Pack Amcor Clear-Aire Elite Hepa Air Purifier Filter
$7.49 (0 Bids)
End Date: Sunday Oct-9-2011 9:11:24 PDT
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AM60 Amcor Ultra Clean Air Purifier With 3-Stage Filtration System
AM60 Amcor  Ultra Clean Air Purifier  With 3-Stage Filtration System
Unlike other air purifiers that offer a handful of features that only eliminate some pollutants, the new Amcor AM60 Ultra Clean offers comprehensive air purification in one compact, affordable unit. The eight pound Amcor AM60 is ideal for smaller areas such as bedrooms and offices and eliminates microscopic airborne irritants such as animal dander, dust, mold, and smoke. The advanced 3-stage multi-filtration system includes a washable filter, double ionization, and electrostatic filtration for maximum clean. A three-speed motor provides greater delivery while the carbon ionizing filament is completely safe. In fact, the Amcor AM60 Ultra Clean air processor's ozone level is two times lower than the permissible level established by UL safety standards. Additional features include a fragrance dispenser and optional HEPA-type filter for even greater air purification.
AM30 Amcor Air Purifier With Cool Gray and Blue Design
AM30 Amcor  Air Purifier With Cool Gray and Blue Design
Want to purify your air but can't sacrifice anymore space? Purchase a mini tower air purifier such as the Amcor AM30! This little wonder of a purifier features the most that other purifiers may offer, just in a smaller size! Buy a AM30 for these great reasons:5 Stage Air PurificationTo make up for its small capacity and size, the AM30 uses an extensive filtration system that ensures that every dust and speck is sucked in and dealt with like it should! No worries for dust mites running their own business with this treasure!UV-C Germicidal BulbThe AM30 uses light to kill off bacteria that may harm you and your loved ones. Hospitals sanitize their rooms with UV-C lights, and why not have the same technology in your home to keep you from visiting the hospital?IonizerIonizers are beautiful pieces of technology that help eliminate odors, fumes, and unpleasant smells by charging negative ions out into your environment. This makes your air smell fresh and clean.Washable FilterThe AM30's electrostatic washable filter means that you don't have to go out and stock up on filters. Who knows? Perhaps the purifier will break or malfunctions, and you're left with 5 filters you've spent a fortune on. That kind of situation will never happen with the AM30, the filter is washable!

Amcor Air Purifier Review

While the first two are the least expensive of the Amcor Air Purifier models, they also lack a lot of the bells and whistles that you would prefer in an air purifier or cleaner.  The later two of the Amcor Air purifier models consistently receive high ratings by the Allergy Club and Consumer Reports.

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